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As part of its member services package, the MGA rates Member Club courses in accordance with the United States Golf Association (USGA) Course and Slope Rating System. The USGA requires that all new golf courses be re-rated within five years of the initial rating and ten years thereafter.

With over 90 trained Course Raters, making up four regional teams throughout the Commonwealth, the MGA rates approximately 40 to 50 courses annually during the rating season, which generally runs from early May to late October. Precise course and slope ratings are provided for each set of tees so that all golfers can enjoy the benefits of an accurate and equitable handicap system. A Course Rating and Slope Rating Calendar detailing the ratings and slope for each Member Club is also distributed annually.

COURSE RATING OVERVIEW - Thank you to videographer Don Coyne for helping to create these informational videos during a Course Rating Seminar held at MGA Links at Mamantapett.

Click here to view short videos on each aspect of the Course Rating process!

A Good Read... the "How (and why) We Rate" feature story that appeared in MassGolfer magazine. The article tells golfers what they need to know about how the USGA Course Rating System affects their MGA/USGA Course Handicap. Click here

If you are an MGA member club interested in having your course rating, please download and complete the following forms (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDFs) and fax them back to Keith Gagnon at 774-430-9108 or e-mail

Course Yardage Marking Program - BRONZE AVAILABLE
Bronze Markers - In addition, Member Clubs can still place an order for the traditional MGA bronze markers. The yardage markers are circular and 5 1/2 inches in diameter. The price per yardage marker is $35. For additional information please call Keith Gagnon at 774-430-9108 or e-mail To learn more or to view a marker, CLICK HERE.

Course Measuring:
With the help of local golf course superintendents, golf professionals, and club personnel, the MGA accurately measures Member Club courses through the use of a hand-held electronic laser gun, which measures to within 1/100th foot accuracy. Each golf hole is measured from tee to green as well as from sprinkler heads to the center of the green. Precise measurements are essential for accurate course and slope ratings and necessary to ensure a proper pace of play.

Course Marking:
In 1998, the MGA launched a new service to its Member Clubs. The Course Marking Advisory Committee was established to assist clubs with the arduous task of properly marking a course for hazards, out of bounds, ground under repair and daily play. This marking system is critically important because it ensures that all golfers play by the rules.

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  • Videos: Click the video link below to learn all about course ratings, courtesy of MGA Videographer Don Coyne.
  • Need a Rating?: If your club needs a rating done this year, please contact Keith Gagnon.

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