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More than 2,000,000 golfers currently have a handicap index through the GHIN Handicap Service program. The MGA is just one of 68 state and regional associations and two international associations that utilizes this program which has gone through extensive enhancements and improvements over the past few years. Here is a comprehensive overview of the many features offered through the program.

The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network. Away scores are re-routed to the home clubs Clubs have access to the USGA Handicap Indexes of all other two million golfers on GHIN across the country. Clubs may inquire about the USGA Handicap Index of any visiting golfer on GHIN Each golfer can see the immediate impact that each new score may have on the individual's Handicap Index at the next revision via the Trend.

The GHIN Handicap Program software effectively manages score posting; Handicap Index calculations; exceptional tournament score reduction (Section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System); allows access to all Course Ratings and Slope Ratings contained in the association-wide database; performs golfer Handicap Index and score inquiries; networks all golf club members on the GHIN service and much more.

Score Posting Made Easy
GHIN has made posting scores easy and simple. Clubs may selectively choose to use an easy-to-remember two-to six-digit local number to access their files. A menu will then appear, which can be customized, with all the necessary information for golfers to post their scores. The golfer's name, GHIN number, Handicap Index, score history, current date, and most-often-played tee will appear on the screen automatically. The golfer only has to enter the score and confirm the other information. Once the score is posted, it will then be shown on the screen and automatically saved. An optional musical tune can be played in the background for confirmation.

Touch Screen Interface
GHIN has developed an optional golfer interface that utilizes touch screen technology to simplify the score posting experience for members. Our current Windows version software has been designed to easily integrate this touch screen technology, allowing members to remain comfortable with the same interface.

One of the most important features of the GHIN Handicap Program software is the tremendous flexibility of the program. GHIN services more than 7,700 computerized golf clubs around the country, all with many different needs. This can only be accomplished through the flexibility of the many options throughout the program. Options may be set to prompt the member for score information when posting a score such as score type, tee played, and choice of posting an adjusted score or using hole-by-hole entry, which automatically computes Equitable Stroke Control. Clubs may allow individual score posting or restrict posting to a committee or staff member, but in either case, fellow members may review other members' score histories by a simple last name lookup feature.

Features with Password Restrictions
The GHIN Handicap Program software has many other features located in the Handicap management module, which can only be accessed from the membership score entry screen with a password. These features include Rapid Score Entry, Player Management, Preference Management, Club Management, Reports, and Inquiry. Additionally a scrolling screen-saver is comprised of electronically updated news and logos from the MGA.

Multi-Terminal Option
The GHIN Online Handicap Program software supports the seamless and easy set up of multi-terminal systems consisting of a host machine and several remote terminals. The host computer may be operated from a central office and used to communicate to the GHIN Enterprise Server, as well as run all the GHIN software programs. The remote workstations may be placed in the golf shop, locker rooms or other traffic areas that will facilitate entering scores.

GHIN’s Online posting system allows you to set up multiple score posting stations across the club, wherever an internet connection is available. Any computer can be turned into a score posting kiosk by accessing the GHP Online website, and entering the club number and password. This would include Grille Room, both Men’s and Women’s locker rooms, and dining areas.

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