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If your club is looking to develop a new web site, create a new look or enhance an existing site, the MGA is happy to promote e-Clubhouse. The interactive program which offers everything your club needs to build a web site uses built-in site management tools a club site can be created and customized in minutes.

Within an hour the club administrator can add events to the calendar and update club news. In addition, each site can be listed in a searchable database where potential members can find your club and even join online! Members of the site have access to association and club news and events, the ability to search for another golfer to play with, statistical tools and online event sign up.

Who is eClubhouse for?
eClubhouse is for all club types and for all golfers in its membership. Any club can build a great looking professional site with its easy-to-use tools and customizable designs.

For the golfer: Maintain your profile, view and sign-up for club events, renew club membership online, post scores directly to GHIN or utilize the optional myStats Scores feature to track your game. The myStats Reports feature not only gives you standard statistics reporting, such as fairways, greens, putts and others -- but it allows you to establish your own optional statistic categories (like our favorite: BIP - Ball in Pocket). This reporting and graphing capability lets you generate clear views of your playing trends. The "Find a Golfer" feature even lets you search for other golfers in your club and nearby clubs to set up a round of golf.

For the Club: A comprehensive calendar and event management capability will allow the club administrator to keep track of meetings, events and tournaments not only in your club, but at the golf association level as well. Golfers can sign-up and even pay online using a credit card. Once entries are finished, the club can download that information right into TPP™ to streamline the preparation of tournaments. After the event, pairings and results can be uploaded to the site.

Additional features include: News, Photo, Forum, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and an About Us section. eClubhouse administrators can create and distribute Emails directly to the membership, creating a true communications portal for all membership functions and activities.

Looking for an eCommerce solution?
In addition to event fees, as mentioned above, your club can use the optional online eCommerce capability to collect membership fees to help facilitate renewals!

Looking for New Members?
For clubs who are looking for new members, an online application is available for prospective members and your club is automatically included in the national and association based "Find a Club" portals.

How do I learn more?
Please contact Michael Wice for more information about this service.


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