Player Services: Handicapping

An individual's handicap index is updated according to a revision schedule set by the MGA Member Services department. A total of 24 revisions are conducted annually in Massachusetts. The season start date for the 2017 season is April 1, 2017.

Revision Number Revision Effective Date
Off Season #1 January 1
Off Season #2 January 15
Off Season #3 February 1
Off Season #4 February 15
Off Season #5 March 1
Off Season #6 March 15
7 - Season Start April 1
8 April 15
9 May 1
10 May 15
11 June 1
12 June 15
13 July 1
14 July 15
15 August 1
16 August 15
17 September 1
18 September 15
19 October 1
20 October 15
21 November 1
22 - Season End November 15
Off Season #23 December 1
Off Season #24 December 15

OFF-SEASON REMINDER - No rounds played in Massachusetts during the off season (November 15 through March 31) may be counted towards your handicap index. Scores made at a golf course in an area observing an active season must, according to Rule 6-2, be posted for handicap purposes, even when the MGA Member Club from which the player receives his/her Handicap Index is observing our inactive season. The player has a few options when posting the score.

First, the player may be able to post as a guest on the club's computer if the two clubs use the same computation service or through the IGN network if both clubs use a handicap service that subscribes to the IGN.

Second, if the player's home club has approved Internet posting, a score may be posted back to the home club via the Internet.

Third, the player can keep a copy of the score and the ratings and post when the player returns to the home course no later than the start of the active season.

Although rounds played in Massachusetts during the off season may not be counted towards your handicap index, you will still receive e-revisions on the 1st and 15th of each month. Massachusetts has a total of eight "off season" revisions.

ACTIVE SEASON - State Golf Associations on the East Coast that do not observe an inactive season include Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. Scores made in these states must be posted for handicap purposes no matter what time of year the rounds of golf are played.


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