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Although the MGA is made up of a membership of golf clubs, the organization considers anyone with an established GHIN handicap index with one of our Member Clubs to be a member as well. Click the cover to the right to learn more!

In order to obtain a GHIN number for the season, you should contact a golf club in your area. You can find a course in your area by using our searchable MGA Member Club database. Once you join a golf club, you can then post adjusted gross scores. When you post five adjusted gross scores, and a revision date passes, the club will issue a Handicap Index. Although you will have a "home course", nearly all of our Member Clubs allow their golfers to post scores online which means that you don't have to visit that particular club in order to post scores.

Here is a summary of how you can become a member of the MGA. As an individual member of the MGA, you are eligible to take part in the many benefits outlined in this section.

Private Clubs
There are currently 128 member-owned or privately-owned clubs that are members of the MGA. Membership opportunities vary with each club, but interested golfers should contact the clubs directly as membership opportunities are available at many private facilities.

Public or Municipal Golf Clubs
More than 75% of rounds played annually in Massachusetts are contested at public or municipal golf courses. The MGA boasts 216 member facilities that are open to public play at all or specific times. Most clubs offer affordable annual dues and are easy to join. Please contact the golf staff at a course near you for more information.

Non Real Estate Clubs
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a golf course to start a club. A golf club — in the eyes of the United States Golf Association (USGA) — is simply defined as an organization of at least 10 individual members that operates under bylaws with committees to supervise golf activities, provide peer review and maintain the integrity of

Non Real Estate Clubs fall into two categories: 1) A club where the members had no prior affiliation and a majority of the recruiting and sign-up of the membership is done by solicitation to the general public; and, 2) A club with members who are affiliated or known to one another via a business, fraternal, ethnic or social organization and where a majority of the club members had an affiliation prior to organizing the club. Individuals or groups interested in starting a NRE Club should contact the MGA directly.


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